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Quality and Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional metal/plastic sheds, our all natural MODERN CABIN wood buildings are versatile, never rust and simply look better than other products on the market today. They offer windows where metal buildings often can’t accommodate them and you’d never dream of converting a metal building into a guest house. The Sequoia building is affordable, too. It adds to the overall aesthetic of your outdoor living space, no matter how you opt to use it. The stylish doors become an entrance into your comfortable living quarters or as an entrance to your sauna or hot tub. You’re limited only by your imagination.

In some areas we can offer professional construction on your site. Our team of well trained and professional builders will arrive, completely prepared and organized, and per your specifications, place your new MODERN CABIN  wherever you choose.  This redefines “move in ready” and within a few hours, you’re ready to put your Sequoia all natural wood building to the test.

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Sequoia 12ft. x 16ft. guest cabin/office House

Extend your MODERN CABIN  living into your outdoor living space with this spacious, natural wood gardening shed, pool shed or storage building. The Sequoia 12’ x16’ green shed maximizes natural lighting with its double, glass paned doors that are accentuated on either side with matching windows. The modern style roofing makes it easy to coordinate with modern  home designs, providing a unique look. It can be your guest house, vocation rental cabin, office space, living space. The overhang just might inspire you to park your favorite lawn chairs and enjoy sweet tea in those warm summer months, too.



The Sequoia Cabin – beautiful, stylish and an incredibly affordable way to add living space to your property, the Sequoia modern cabin building makes for a great living space, hobby room or workshop.

Raise the Bar

As many consumers attempt to find a way to extend their living space, many often don’t consider the advantages of an all-natural wood building and how it can serve as the perfect solution for a number of space needs. In fact, the Sequoia has been called the “Rolls Royce” when it comes to modern sheds. And the best part? You don’t have to float a second mortgage to get that new home gym or guest cottage – this all natural wood shed has it all. It’s truly a lifestyle design that is far more than a storage solution. Because it’s most often used as a sauna room or to house a garden house or pool house.

Many discover this particular design, and specifically the ample space, works well as a home gym or yoga room, too. The extended overhang is an added bonus that’s just right for a small cafe table and chairs that you can use to catch your breath before beginning the second half of your workout or to watch the sun set in the evenings.

Another popular use is the ease in which it can be transformed into an inviting and warm guest cottage. The elongated windows provide plenty of natural light and blinds or curtains allow your guests the utmost privacy. Even if you do opt to add a floor and bed, tables and other comfort features, you still have ample room for guests to move around in. It’s truly all about versatility and meeting the many needs of today’s consumer.

Measurements and technical information

Wall thickness: 1 3/8″ (34mm) T&G

Wood type: All natural tongue and grove Norway spruce solid wood

Outside size: 13′ x 16′

Height overall: 10’3″

Double Door: 5′ x 6’1″ with tempered glass

Big window in front: 6’3″ x 3’6″ with tempered glass

Double back window: 4’6″ x 3′ with tempered glass

Single window in front: 2’3″ x 3′ with tempered glass

Included: Floor joist, floor boards, roof boards, fascia boards, inside wall with doors

Not included: Roofing shingles

This product is made from specially dried Norway spruce boards.
After assembly it needs to be painted or stained.
The accessories: veranda, flower box and windows shutters are not included.

Download the Blueprint here: